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Kind Words from my Google Clients

Purple Ink Indianapolis

Our website wasn't ranking and we were missing out on business. Now we have SEVEN keywords in the top 3 of Google and our visibility on Google Maps has increased as well. We're so excited to be working with Leah!

JoDee Curtis

Lilly Belle Rose Photography

I just want to say how empowered I feel because of you. Regardless of your wealth of knowledge and list of accomplishments, you perfectly dumb down the foreign world of SEO and Google so people like me can take charge. The feeling of accomplishment - I haven't felt this confident and hopeful in years!!!!!!!!!!!


Francine Mittenthal

Christine Burrows

Leah provided our marketing team with ongoing SEO coaching. She set it up so we met for 20 minutes to learn and understand a single concept. Then we’d go do what we learned and then schedule our next session. This was a great way for us to tackle such a complex topic and make right adjustments to our site. Leah knows her stuff and is a great teacher/coach.


Heart to Art Photography

Leah Severson, is extraordinary marketing coach! She was a complete game-changer for my website's SEO. After moving from Florida to Tennessee and losing all visibility, she helped me climb to the top of my area within a week of hard work. I highly recommend her services, and if you get a chance for one-on-one mentoring or a small group coaching, it's definitely worth it!

Angie Vincent

Optimal Health & Vitality

“Leah helped me claim, verify, and set up a Google My Business page for my new health coaching business. She also showed me step-by-step how to continue optimizing my Google My Business page so that it will rank higher on Google maps. Leah has made this process so simple, she’s great to work with and has truly elevated the presence of my business online. I highly recommend her services.”

Kim Heger

Simply Baby by Kimberly Fain

Need help with your google rankings and SEO??? Look no further!! This lady right here is an answered prayer. I’ve been been following her advice to step up my game in the SEO world of Google! I knew absolutely nothing about any of this! It was all foreign to me! She has educated me more than I ever thought I could be educated. She explains things on my level therefore I get it!! I changed website platforms a little over a year ago and was my business was NOT coming on on the first few pages of google at all. As a matter of fact, I was on the 50th to 60th page for every single key word!! So with that being said, I hired her to get me back to the top! And she has done an incredible job of getting me there!! If you want someone that knows EXACTLY what she is talking about and EXACTLY what she is doing, hire this sweet lady right here. Take one of her classes!! Do a 1:1 with her! She will make it happen! Thank you Leah for making my life a little easier and a huge thank you for those clients that are already coming in with just a couple of short months under your wing!! You are truly the best in the industry. Thank you Leah – I couldn’t have done this without you 🙂

Kim Fain

Rebekah Dell Photography

Leah’s Market Like a Mother class was a game changer for me. She taught me things that are simple to execute and cost-effective but will have a big impact on my photography business. As soon as I left the class I began putting her lessons to use (that’s how easy it is!)! I really had no clue what I was doing when it came to marketing, now I have a much clearer vision!

Rebekah Dell

Emily Moncus Photography

SEO is my weakness. Leah was by far one of most thorough teachers that I have ever worked with. Leah hit on so many items that are easily adjustable, make sense, and align perfectly with my business. Leah, I truly appreciate the knowledge that I gained from you. It was all so enlightening!!

Emily Moncus

Back to Eden Backyard Nursery

I wasn’t familiar with Google my Business and how important it is to have it set up. With Leah's help and coaching, my GMB page is up and running and because of it I get a lot of views, calls and inquiries that I wouldn't have gotten without the help of Leah Severson's SEO and Google My Business Consulting.

Margaret Kukuc

Michelle Osborne Photography

“As a professional newborn photographer, I love the creative aspects of my job: posing, styling, editing but I hate, hate, hate the business side. SEO has been the looming giant I just can’t seem to conquer for a while now and I’ve tried to do some research on my own that just never clicked. I recently attended a retreat where Leah was teaching a class on SEO and I’ll be honest – I wanted to learn but the thought of attending and what information it might include made my head hurt. Despite the class only being scheduled to last about 90 minutes, Leah did her very best to fill her class with as much useful information as possible and explain in a way that even we could understand. I still don’t 100% understand everything but she gave so many helpful tips that I plan to implement as soon as possible. I wish Leah could have kept going because I’m sure she had so much more to teach us since SEO can be quite daunting. I plan to reach out and hire Leah at some point to help with my site’s SEO. She’s highly intelligent, very knowledgeable on the subject(s), and isn’t afraid to elaborate more if a student simply doesn’t understand a certain concept. I thoroughly enjoyed her class and look forward to working with her more.”

Michelle Osborne

Lacey Andreae Photography

I took Leah Severson’s SEO Marketing class at The Sprout Retreat in Conroe, Texas and I was blown away by all the tips and tricks she gave us to help gain new leads. I never really thought much about SEO and, honestly, never really even knew where to begin with it all. Leah presented each step in a way that made it seem easier than I had ever thought. She was very helpful with any questions that I had and she opened up so many opportunities for my business that I didn’t even know existed. I’m extremely thankful that I took this class and cannot wait to grow my business with the help of Leah’s knowledge.

Lacey Andreae

Rita Wilder Photography

Leah is one of the most resourceful people I have learned from. The information she gave me during our workshop was incredible and VERY IMPORTANT to know. I truly believe when I put everything to use, I will be the top of the first page on Google Search! It was truly a business changing class! If you learn SEO from Leah, you are set for a success already!! Thank you so much for sharing so much and not holding anything back!

Rita Wilder

I really enjoyed your class last evening. SEO is the unknown to me even though I know it is important and necessary! I came back to my room with tons of notes and couldn’t sleep so I got out my laptop and looked at my website and blog to compare. I am excited to return home and implement changes to improve my SEO. I appreciated your patience and the wealth of knowledge and expertise you were willing to share! It would be such an amazing thing to win a website review! Thank you very much!

Kellie Carter

Priscila Camara Photography

Leah’s class is life changing. I can’t wait to go home and apply all the tricks she shared with us. I would love to take a longer class with her. What I have learned in just a few hours is way more that I learned with much longer courses. Thank you so much Leah, you are phenomenal!

Priscila Camara

Digital Memories by Debbie Koehler

Leah is the BEST! She has been so incredible to work with and super patient with me. When I first started to work with Leah on SEO I had absolutely no knowledge of SEO. The only thing I understood was that it was an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. Leah has been able to break things down for me in simple terms and has given me so much guidance. I appreciate all her help and patience.

Debbie Koehler

Sweigart Photography

“Thank you for such a wonderful class. I loved learning from you, Leah. You are such an amazing teacher and woman! Thank you for sharing the sea of knowledge that you’ve accumulated through years and years of your own experiences, trials, and errors. I feel like I am getting a jump start in my own SEO and marketing journey for my business. I could have listened to you for many more hours. I hope I get to sit in one of your classes again in the future. I know you have so much more to share!”

Joelle Sweigart

Stockman Jiu-Jitsu

Leah Severson's expertise was crucial in helping the website I developed stand out from the crowd. We even paused the ads we were running, as the website began organically ranking. I was so pleased with the results that I began referring her services to all my clients who need extra help with their SEO. She is the best!

Rita Avellar

C. Marie Photography Florida

Literally Leah is a game changer for my business. She knows everything to SEO, google optimizing, social media marketing, and so much more. I took a year and half off from my business and came back to crickets now my business has changed. Emails galore, my website's SEO ranking continues to grow, social media keeps getting messages. I highly recommend her services if you need that boost in your business, and if you get a chance for one-on-one mentoring or small group coaching, it's definitely worth it!

Caitlin Serrano

Elki Coaching & Consulting

They say when you REALLY know something that's when it becomes easy to break it down for others. For this reason I will alway recommend Leah for Google My Business optimization because even coming in the door knowing nothing, she breaks it up into bite size, easy-to-understand pieces. She's is patient in walking you through all the ins & outs of Google My Business.

Elki Comacho

Tracy Perry Photography

I started working with Leah approximately six weeks ago and it’s one of the best investments I could have made for my photography business. It’s one of those things that most people don’t take the time to learn about, but it’s such a pivotal component of any business. She has taught me the proper way to set up my Google business profile and how to continue optimizing my page. We just started working on my SEO, and website has made such an incredible progress already. Leah is amazing to work with and she always takes the time to explain everything in detail. This course has given me the tools necessary to be able to continue optimizing my SEO and Google Business profile. This course was exactly what I needed and I highly recommend her services to all business owners.

Tracy Perry

Cantaloupe TV

Owning a 25-year-old content creation business I thought I had learned all I needed to know about attracting and growing a relevant audience. Leah proved me wrong by implementing newer SEO techniques I had no idea existed! Completely blown away by her knowledge and expertise...

Jon DiGregory

Billi B Productions

Leah is an expert in her field. Her live marketing coach session was clear, concise and invaluable to my photography business. She went over all topics in great detail, which made it easy to understand and follow. Thank you Leah!

Billi Blair

Divine Heart Connections

“Leah has been a tremendous help as I’ve been working on SEO. Her ability to know what you need, plus give precise information to get your website up and running smoothly and driving people to your website is incredible. I have a better flow of customers now because of her SEO coaching. She made SEO easy to understand. I highly recommend her!”

Mary Bannon

Luba Cain Photography

I learned more in one class about marketing than I have over the past 5 years! This is the class every photographer needs to take. No one knows about SEO, Google, Referral program, Displays more than Leah does! Now I have all the information in order to achieve the results I need. That class was exactly that I needed! Thank you!

Luba Cain

Kristen Barker Photography

I’ve taken several SEO courses – never applied much of it, but I thought yours was truly the best one I’ve experienced. Your delivery was fun and personable, as well as straight to the point. I don’t feel overwhelmed by SEO – it’s more of a nuisance than rocket science. Yet, your explanation and how-to presentation was easy to understand and you made my to-do list seem manageable. Overall, you took what some would say is a “foreign language” and made the content relatable and achievable. I’m really excited to delve into your instructions and suggestions and create a site that delivers.

Kristen Barker

Mariela Duval Photography

After taking an in-person SEO class from Leah, I was very impressed with the information she provided and knew right away I needed further guidance specifically to my website. I hired Leah to review my website and google my business. We set up two separate conversations to discuss her recommendations. Leah had lots of excellent information and advice as we reviewed my website and content. She made several suggestions on using keywords, naming images, and content on the website that would be specific to target my audience. We did the same for Google my Business. I have been so impressed on how changes that were easy to implement has made such a difference in my SEO and the number of inquiries I am receiving. I highly recommend Leah if you want to work on SEO and understanding how to move up in Google. Leah makes it simple, easy to follow and easy to understand. I have loved working with Leah!

Mariela Duval

Yellow Lollipop Photography

I’ve had a chance to meet and learn from Leah during a Newborn And Beyond Photography retreat . The retreat had a long list of amazing teachers and vendors but what I loved the most and learned the most from was Leah’s class . I actually told my friends that the whole retreat would’ve been worth the investment for her class alone! She is extremely knowledgeable and willing to share all she knows . Friendly, open to questions ( a lot of those 🙂 and willing to go the extra mile to help her students . I am extremely grateful for being able to learn from her and I hope to be able to attend more of her classes . Highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn more about the business / SEO side of photography.

Aneta DeAngelo

The Precious Foto

Just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge with us during your SEO CLASS. You literally bombarded us with so much valuable information regarding not only SEO but also you shared ideas on what-how-where to shift our focus in building small business. You are a walking encyclopedia and in few hours you were able to present a lot of points that I will definitely use in my SEO building. Now I have tools and the language to use in order to achieve the results I need. Definitely plenty of “aha” moments! Highly recommend this class to anyone who is looking into learning more about SEO! Thank you! Thank you!

Adriana Kopinja

Faces You Love Photography

Thank you so much for teaching us your ninja SEO ways! I could have absorbed your tips and tricks for so much longer than we had. I can’t wait to sit down and get things straightened out on my website, and watch myself move up in the rankings!

Helen Ransom

Kathy deRenzy Photography

Leah was a fantastic teacher. She made a difficult topic understandable. My head was spinning but in a good way. I knew nothing about SEO and now I know a lot more. I am motivated to learn more to help my business grow because of her lecture. She had high energy during her class which was the last one of the conference. Thanks so much for a wonderful lecture.

Kathy deRenzy

Alicia Marie Photography

Confession: I have been running my business without a website for 9 years. I spent 45 mins with Leah and have never been so excited to get myself in gear with everything needed to grow that part of my business. She made everything make sense and was so willing to answer all the questions. I now actually understand the importance of why this is necessary in this world of digitalmarketing and media we are in. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Alicia Millwood

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