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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Copy | Paste | Post | Done content about photography?

No. CPPD writers create articles that are not about photography but about things that are interesting and compelling to your target audience. For instance, if you subscribe to the Wedding blog posts, you'll get posts like "Should you Hire a Wedding Planner" or "Secrets to Perfect Bridal Makeup." They're articles that your perfect client is interested in, but they're not about photography.

Will other photographers in my area also be able to subscribe to CPPD?

CPPD will only allow one photographer per genre to join. For instance, if there are three photographers in the same area but one chooses our Wedding content, one chooses our Children/Family content, and one chooses our Maternity/Baby content, then all three would be allowed to subscribe. CPPD members will have exclusive rights to use our content in their territory. The protected area is a 30-mile driving distance from your studio address. If you work from home, the protected area is a 30-mile driving distance from your business mailing address.

Will this cause problem with Google if I'm posting the same content other photographers are posting?

When Google refers to "duplicate content" it is not referring to the same content on multiple websites, but rather the same content on multiple pages of the same website. Posting these articles on your blog will not hurt your SEO. In fact, it will help your SEO by providing fresh, relevant content (Google loves this!) and driving traffic to your website. If you want to read more about Google and duplicate content issues, click here.

How do I pay?

Your payment will be automatically deducted from your payment method each month.

Won't it seem strange if other photographers are posting the same stories?

CPPD membership is limited so there won't be any other photographers in your immediate marketing area sharing the same content. While other photographers might see that you are posting the same content as someone else, your clients likely do not follow photographers outside their geographic location, so they are not likely to see that another photographer has posted the same content.

Will your other educational classes be territory protected?

No. Only the Copy | Paste | Post | Done blog content is territory protected. All of my educational products, workshops, mentoring, and other services are available to everyone.

Do I have to commit to a whole year?

CPPD membership is a monthly subscription service. Leave anytime you like. But we'll miss you. Once you leave, your territory is then open for your competitors to claim.

Who owns the content?

CPPD owns the content. Members will be granted permission to post the content on one website, on the social media accounts associated with that website, and in newsletters associated with that website.

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