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Wish you had a way to blog that didn't involve writing? It's here! Introducing Copy | Paste | Post | Done, the blogging service for photographers. Each week, CPPD delivers fresh, niche-relevant blog posts. You simply copy the text, paste it into your blog, add your own stunning photography, and post! It's that simple. These posts can attract new clients to your website and help you rank higher on Google. Better yet, once you claim your territory, you'll lock out other photographers from access to these posts.

  • New Blog Posts Added Weekly
  • Topics Relevant to your Niche
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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Choose Your Photography Niche

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Add It to Your Blog & Add Value To Your Visitors

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Struggling To Build A Blog With Consistent Flow and Traffic?

4 Reasons To Choose Copy | Paste | Post | Done

Affordable Pricing

We offer affordable pricing on quality blog posts written with your ideal client in mind. If you're a wedding photographer, you'll get article that brides want to read.

Showcase Your Portraits

Once you've copied the blog post text, simply add your beautiful images, then voila! You have a brand new post for your blog. Easy peasy!

Articles To Attract Leads

Our articles are well-written and optimized to attract perfect clients and help your website ranking with Google.

New Articles Weekly

We add a new post every week to make sure you never run out of fresh, relevant content for your blog.

Get Your Own Blog Posts Without writing a Single Word

With this service, you can easily copy and paste an optimized, well-researched blog post in minutes! Not to mention, all of the articles we’ve put together are meant to speak to your ideal clients, so you can build authority and trust in the field, and with Google.


Copy | Paste | Post | Done Blog Posts For Photographers

It's like having your own personal blog publishing company on demand.

Google loves fresh, consistent content that's relevant to your niche. But you're a photographer, not a writer. Don't worry! I've made it easy. Copy | Paste | Post | Done is a way for you to automate your blogging and get new eyes on your website and your beautiful photography. Let us generate blog topics to attract your perfect client and do all the writing for you. That way you can focus on what you do best - taking beautiful portraits!

Here Is Exactly What's Included

  • Weekly blog posts providing content that's relevant and engaging to your perfect client
  • Exclusive use in your area - when you subscribe, other photographers in your area are locked out
  • Fantastic customer support with any questions

Grab your territory today before your competitor does!

Your Territory Will Be Protected

Be the Only Photographer with Rights to Share our Quality Content in your local area.

When you join today and subscribe to any of the blog post packages, you'll be the only photographer in your area allowed to use our content. Your competitors will be locked out, and you will be the one that stands out with high-quality, fresh, relevant content for your photography business.

You're Just One Step Away

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Did I mention that you don't have to write a thing?

Automate your blogging and keep giving value to your community!

We do All The Work For You!

I’ve been a writer for more than 30 years. I've written two books and worked full-time as a journalist for more than a decade. I'm also a photographer who helps other photographers with SEO.

I kept hearing from other photographers

"I hate writing!"

"I don't know what to write about!"

"I don't have time to write blog posts!"

This is why I created Copy | Paste | Post | Done. It's a way for you to get relevant, fresh content for your site to attract new customers and showcase your beautiful photographs.

Maternity and newborn photographers will get articles like

-Do You Need a Lactation Consultant?

-Sleep Secrets for Your Newborn Baby's First Weeks

-Questions You Must Ask When Hiring a Nanny

The goal is to create a website with quality content that your perfect clients will find helpful using relevant keywords that can help increase your rankings on Google.

I've done all the hard work for you... It's your turn to use it to attract new business while increasing your authority in the field.

  • The simple way I get my happy clients to do my marketing for me.
  • The one trick that nearly guarantees a 5-star Google Review from all my delighted clients
  • How I get 98% of my clients to say "no problem" when it comes to allowing me to use their images and video for my marketing
  • How to book multiple milestone sessions during baby's first year without offering a discount
  • The most IMPORTANT relationship-building tool that most photographers aren't using
  • How to get your clients to happily write your blog posts for you
  • How to equip your delighted clients to market for you - big time - both online and offline
  • How to get to the top of Google and start getting all those FREE leads from people who are shopping for a photographer
  • How to dramatic increase your social media engagement - without spending a dime on ads of post boosts
  • How to make more money off every session
  • How to get doctors' office displays (I have more than 20 of them) and how to make those displays work to attract new clients
  • The one thing to put on your business card to make sure people don't throw it away
  • How to build clients for life
  • How to train your mind to attract success
  • How to deal with the dreaded "imposter syndrome"
  • And much much more!

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